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Hello everyone ! I hope you all had a nice summer!

Admittedly, the weather was of course not always good, but nevertheless it was quite a nice summer. A few months ago my new USB Stick was released, and I am very proud that this product has been well received by my audience.

It was quite exciting, as many fans are used to new CD productions. Unfortunately, almost no CD productions are made these days. Almost everything is streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
Many artists only release their music on those streaming portals. On the other hand, we have decided to produce a USB stick with 5 CDs on it, including my latest album 'Silver'. The stick can of course be ordered via the website.

Unfortunately, the performances in England are no longer available for the time being. The Corona and Brexit restrictions are simply too strict. Too bad, because a very nice UK Tour was planned, but unfortunately I had to cancel all concerts and festivals for this year. For next year there are so far 20 concerts in England on the program, but of course all optional, because nobody can guarantee me that the Corona and Brexit problems have been solved. The good news is that I am once again performing for the German company Böhm. I've been to Switzerland twice already, and I'm going again in November, because I have been asked to give a concert in the beautiful town of  Degersheim. Recently I was a guest at the Böhm company in Bückeburg for a week, where I gave small demonstrations every day. Soon I will also travel to Berlin, for demonstrations and a concert. October 30th I play in Alteveer (Hoogeveen area) which is in Holland.

It is the first collaboration between Böhm Nederland and my person. Together with 2 Böhm colleagues, I provide demonstrations throughout the day. We are really looking forward to it.

My big white Böhm instrument recently got a little sister. I have been given a second Böhm instrument, especially for the smaller performances. I've already had my first gig with 'the little one' and it went great. I am currently programming a nice preset/registration package especially for the owners of this Böhm Sempra, with registrations that can be used for various Film and Musical songs.

One of the best offers this year is the Wintercircus Pallasso offer 'The Magical Winter Edition' in 'S-Hertogenbosch. I was asked to accompany the performance there as a musical guest, 38 performances are planned, and we are really looking forward to it.

So, that was it for now.
All the best !

Hello dear followers:

I hope all of you are very well, and you still can enjoy the little things in life, things like the nature, music, good food and a bit of inner peace.

I am out with my camera a lot at the moment, it's so nice and quiet, just such an enjoyment to photograph landscapes, wild life and some city photography. Of course, my specialisme is photographing circus-shows, but as you know, there is not much circus to photograph at the moment. I am also doing a lot of music, nearly every day I am recording new songs, and new albums. All that music is going on the big portals like Spotify, I-Tunes, deezer, etc.. It's going very well with the amount of people listening, every month I have about 2.500 people listening to my music, great!!! My latest production is called 'In A Latin Mood Vol 2', 10 lovely latin songs. At the moment I am
 working on a new online album with typical 'Crooner' music (music from the 40's and 50's)

My YouTube Channel is growing fast too. You can find well over the hundred videos, taken during concerts, performances, vlogs and me playing at home, especially for you. If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel, please click HERE to go straight to my Channel on YouTube.

A couple of weeks ago I had a photoshoot, it was a wonderful evening in the studio of one my friends. he is an excellent photographer, and I do learn a lot from him. Below you can find some of the new shots, which I use for all sorts, like promotional purposes, covers for CD's and videos, etc..

And.....at last I got booked to do a small concert on Valentine's Day. I couldn't believe it! I was asked to do 2 special Valentine's Day High Tea concerts, each of the length of 45 minutes. It's an Organisation in the town of Heiloo (in the Alkmaar erea) I am so looking forward to it, as it has been such a long time ago since I was on stage. I also can't wait to go back to Switzerland, where I have been booked to do a big show in June. Fingers crossed it all goes on.

And, of course I am teaching again. Obviously only in the North of Holland. I used to teach a lot at the end of the 80's, but then I got too busy with my concerts and had to stop teaching. I always enjoyed it very much, and now I have started again, I realise how wonderful it is to try to give your knowledge to someone else.


My dear friends, all those small things makes that I start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep strong, keep the faith

Stay safe.

Greetings: Dirk

Hallo, beste muziekvrienden,

 Zelf muziek maken, wat is er leuker dan dat? Muziek maken is geweldig!

Het geeft een heerlijk gevoel om creatief bezig te zijn en even je dagelijkse beslommeringen achter je te laten.

 Je wilt graag keyboard leren spelen? Of zit je thuis en heb je besloten je oude hobby weer op te pakken?

Heb je vroeger ooit keyboard les gehad en heb je spijt dat je gestopt bent?

Kortom, je hebt hulp nodig !

 Eind jaren ’80 heb ik veel orgel- en keyboard lessen gegeven.

Ik deed dat met veel plezier, het is een fijn gevoel om jouw kennis te kunnen doorgeven.

Ik gaf voornamelijk mensen les die pas begonnen, of die al een klein beetje op weg waren.

Van jong tot oud. M’n oudste leerling was 87 jaar oud.

Mijn solo carrière nam de overhand, en ik werd gedwongen te stoppen met lesgeven.

De drukte van optredens en concerten in binnen- en buitenland was niet meer te combineren met les geven, wat ik erg jammer vond.

De Corona crisis heeft mijn leven als reizend artiest danig op z’n kop gezet. Mijn collega’s en ik zitten al bijna een jaar thuis zonder optredens.

Op een gegeven moment werd ik gebeld door een oud leerlinge van me, ze vroeg of ik weer les gaf, waarop ik spontaan ja zei.

Ik ben dus weer begonnen met keyboard les en dit wil ik graag uitbouwen.

 Ik kom bij je thuis, zodat je les krijgt in je vertrouwde omgeving, en op je eigen instrument.

Het lesgeven duurt ongeveer 45 minuten tot een uur.

We behandelen het notenschrift, akkoorden, het maken van registraties, het uitzoeken van repertoire, etc..

In een ontspannen en gezellige sfeer wil ik de beginnende en ietwat gevorderde speler de kneepjes van muziek maken bijbrengen.


Lijkt het je wat om les te krijgen van een professioneel artiest? Woon je in Noord Holland?

Stuur me dan even een berichtje via het contact formulier en ik neem zo spoedig mogelijk contact met je op.

Hi All !

An interview in the National Dutch Newspaper 'Trouw". It's about the effect the Corona Virus has on my career as an Artist. I am explaining the Dutch people that I am not getting bored at all. I am recording in my little home studio daily. All the songs I produce go on Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon, etc.. I also tell them that I have started to teach again. But of course I do miss performing very much, and the audiences of course. 

To go the article, please click here


Still available: DirkJan Ranzijn, The Ultimate USB Collection

Hi Everyone !

I hope all of you are keeping well :-)

Springtime is here and in the meantime I have travelled thousands of miles and performed numerous of Concerts all over England, Holland and Germany. Since 6 months my overall sound has been improved tremendously, thanks to my new EV Evolve 50's speaker system, and the wonderful Mackie DL16S Mixer, which is a mixer on my I-Pad. It's unbelievable really, normally I drag along this big mixer, but now the same possibilities of that big mixer I have on my I-Pad, and it workes brilliantly. In the meantime many fans have complimented me on the new sound, it's much more crispy, mellow and vivid. It makes performing even more fun then ever !!!

As I said, the concerts went great, wonderful sound and thousands of safe miles. At the moment I am home in Alkmaar, recharging my batteries and trying out some new repertoire. Music like, a Tina Turner Medley, the Piano Theme from Forrest Gump, etc..... Lovely music. At the end of June, I will travel to Bavaria to play 1 or 2 concerts, then straight after that, I will go to Switzerland for a Concert.

I also would like to thank everyone for your lovely comments regarding my new album. I am very proud of it and the sales are going really well. Slowly we are thinking about a new album, although that will take a long time of course. First, this new Sempra baby has to swim a bit more :-)

Slowly, holiday time is approaching too. In August my Mam and I are leaving for the North Cape, we have never been there, but looking forward to it. We are big fans of Scandinavia, with Norway as country nmb. 1.

At the moment of writing this, the first hot summer day is a fact. Outside my house, it's 29 degrees. After I have finished writing this blog, I will go outside and sit on the waterside, enjoying all the pleasure boats. That's the advantage of living in the town centre right at the banks of a canal.



I wish everyone a great time. Stay safe and hope to see you all soon







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