DirkJan Ranzijn

Exciting times..........

Hi Everyone !

Man oh man.....very exciting times at the moment. The brand new DVD should be released any moment now, we are waiting for the German Record-Company. People say to me that I should be used to it, releasing new Albums and DVD's in all those years, to be honoust....yes, of course I am used to it, but that doesn't mean that every production is like giving birth really. And I do see all my productions as children :-) Plus the fact that this DVD Production is a very special one.

I am also preparing myself for this Friday, then I will be off to the UK for 2 Concerts, but when I look outside the weather is terrible, freezing cold and snow. I have also heard the forecast in the UK and it doesn't sound good with all the snow and the cold. I don't like driving in snow storms, but I don't have an option, contract is contract and I hate letting fans down, so....I will go and rock the place!!!

I also hope the fans are going to like my new repertoire. I seem to be in a Classical mood lately and with the beautiful 'Nocturne' from Franz Schubert I will be well on my way. I have also a beautiful new song based upon a theme from Verdi. Both I will play this weekend of course.

I have also finished the recordings and production of a new Digital CD-Album (only for download) It's the Lounge Bar vol.7 and hopefully it will be coming out within a couple of weeks all ready for streaming and download, jihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! 

So, my dear friend, that was it for now, speak to you in the next blog !



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