DirkJan Ranzijn - I Was Born To Play Forever, I Was Born To Play For You

From the early age of 5, Dirk has been fascinated by the wonderful world of the Circus. A fascination what has become a serious 'other life' outside his music career.
What many Dirk Fans don't know is that he is very much involved in the European Circus World, mainly as a photographer.
Dirk is shooting many shows over the whole of Europe and is often asked to photoshoot for Acts, Artists and Circuses. His shots have been used for many web sites, souvenir brochures, magazines, CV's and even Circus books.
Dirk is fully supporting the traditional Animal Circus, despite the many discussions about this subject.

Dirk is currently shooting with one of Nikon's flagships, the Nikon D3s, using the Nikkor 24-70 2.8, Sigma 70-200 2.8 and a Nikkor 180 mm 2.8.

For more information about Dirk's photography, please leave a private message on this web site, or e-mail to: djbohm@googlemail.com
Or visit Dirk's Photography web site: www.dirkjanranzijnphotography.com

Hereby just a few samples:

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